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WhatsApp Leads The Global Smartphone Messenger Wars With 44 Percent Market Share

A new survey by On Device Research shows that WhatsApp is leading the global mobile messenger (for Android and iOS devices) wars with a 44 percent market share followed by Facebook Messenger at a distant second (market share of 35 percent). The survey was conducted in US, China, Brazil, South Africa and Indonesia and 3,759 Android and iOS smartphone owners have participated in the survey.

WhatsApp Leads The Global Mobile Messenger Wars With 44 PC Market Share

WeChat messenger is placed at third place globally with a 28 percent smartphone messenger market share followed by Twitter (19 percent market share), BBM (17 percent market share) and Skype (16 percent market share). An interesting and surprising entrant into the smartphone messenger wars is BBM (Blackberry Messenger) which has only recently debuted on Apple App Store and Android’s Google Play.

The survey also puts forward the three most popular smartphone messengers country wise. WhatsApp is the leading chat app in Brazil, South Africa and Indonesia among the countries surveyed. Facebook leads the pack in US followed by WhatsApp and Twitter. WeChat dominates the Chinese market hands down with a whopping market share of 93 percent.

Mobile Messenger Market Share By Country WhatsApp,Facebook,WeChat Market Share By Country

One important finding of the survey is that the mobile messenger apps have fast become the most popular form of communication with 86 percent of the respondents reporting that they use the messenger apps on a regular basis followed by SMS (75 percent), voice calls (73 percent) and email (60 percent).

Indonesia leads when in it comes to the most number of messenger apps installed on a single device with an average of 4.2 apps installed on every iOS and Android smartphone. South Africa is a close second with 4.1 messenger apps on average followed by Brazil (2.6), China (2.4) and US (2.1). Friends using different apps, different features etc. are the contributing factors for using more than apps.

The messenger apps have also surpassed Facebook which was once the undisputed king of photo sharing. 400 million photos are shared daily via Snapchat and Wechat while Facebook downgrades to third position with 350 million photos daily.

From the above stats, it is pretty clear that WhatsApp is the most used iOS and Android smartphone messenger app. So, what messenger app do you currently use and what in your opinion is the best messenger app for iOS and Android smartphones currently available in the market?

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