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Top 5 Audio Recognition/Music Identification Apps For iOS/Android

Many a times it happens that we hear some wonderful music and fall in love with it instantly. Your heart craves to listen to the song once again, but you have no knowledge of the name of the song or the artist. If you find yourself in this situation regularly, you need to immediately load your smartphone with an audio recognition/music identification app.

Top 5 Best Apps To Identify Or Recognize Audio,Music,Songs,TV & MoviesAudio recognition apps help you identify music, songs, TV shows and movies playing around you. They also let you share your favorite music with your friends. Listed below are the top 5 iOS and Android apps that come in handy when you hear unknown music or songs.

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Top 5 Best Audio Recognition/Music Identification Apps For iOS/Android

1. Shazam: Shazam is the undisputed king among the audio recognition apps. It holds a huge database and identifies almost all songs and TV shows. Once the song has been identified, you can choose to buy the tracks on Google Play or iTunes or Amazon. If you use music streaming apps, you can listen to the song on Spotify or Rdio or Deezer. Shazam also lets you stay updated with its ‘Most Shazamed songs this week‘ charts.

The free version of Shazam displays ads and if you hate ads, there is a paid version that is ad-free.

Download: iOS | Android

2. SoundHound: This is the closest competitor to Shazam when it comes to music identification. SoundHound distinguishes itself from other audio recognition apps with its ability to display lyrics to the songs. You can also sing or hum to the app and it instantly recognizes the song.

Download: iOS | Android

3. TrackID: TrackID is Sony Ericsson’s take on track identification. The app looks great and is easy to use. Apart from identifying the song, the app also presents you with the artist’s biography. TrackID is only available as an Android app.

Download: Android

4. musiXmatch: musiXmatch has millions of lyrics in its database. It can identify songs as well as display lyrics to those songs. You can also use musiXmatch to search or download lyrics. One more beautiful feature of this app is that you can remove the song’s vocals and sing to the vocals. Isn’t it awesome!

Download: iOS | Android

5. SoundTracking: The SoundTracking app is jam packed with a lot of social features along with audio recognition. SoundTracking lets you share the song snippet, a photo and your Geo-location with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare. It also lets you dedicate songs to friends. All these are great social features, but I really don’t understand why anyone would share their photo and Geo-location along with the song snippet. One more awesome feature of SoundTracking is that you can identify songs right from your smartphone’s locked homescreen.

Download: iOS | Android

These are the top 5 best audio recognition/music identification apps for iOS/Android. So, the next time you hear great music playing around, just pull out your smartphone loaded with any of these audio recognition/music identification apps and discover the song.

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