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How To Search For A Hashtag On Multiple Social Networks?

The hashtags (#) have grown in popularity over the years and have now evolved as an important means to search/group similar messages over the social networks. But, the problem with this method is that the hashtag search is limited to a particular social network and we did not have an unified search engine that searches all the popular social networks.

Tagboard Makes Social Network Search Easy With Hashtag AggregationA software platform called Tagboard solves this problem by aggregating the hashtags from various social networks which include Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Vine and App.net. Tagboard cracks the challenge of social network search and does an excellent job at it. Tagboard is available for both personal use and brands.

Features Of Tagboard, The Social Network Hashtag Aggregator

Tagboard lets you search for your favorite hashtags over multiple social networks in real time and presents them in a visually pleasing manner. The tagboards are updated every 10 minutes so that you don’t miss on the social media chatter. You can also participate in the conversation from the tagboard itself.

The greatest advantage of Tagboard is that it lets you leverage the power of your brands with hashtags. You can view the performance of your brand (hashtag) over the social networks with help of analytics. Tagboard gives you the ability to curate and moderate the content on your tagboard. Tagboards can also be customized very easily to match the profile of your brand.

Tagboards are available over multiple displays like mobiles, projectors and websites. You can place your tagboard on your website or access it from your mobile device or at Tagboard.com. You can also spice up the various live events like concerts, weddings, conferences etc. by projecting the tagboards.

Overall, Tagboard is a very interesting platform that makes social network search easier with hashtag aggregation and also props up a great twist to brand marketing. Do share with us what you think about Tagboard and is it the Google of social networks in making?

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