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How To Shop On Amazon From Within Twitter?

Amazon in collaboration with Twitter has released a handy new feature to its customers. The feature lets Amazon customers add any Amazon product links they see on Twitter to their Amazon shopping cart and buy them later. What you are essentially doing with this is you are shopping on Amazon from within Twitter.

how to shop on amazon from within twitter and buy amazon products on twitterEveryday we see a lot of Amazon product links tweeted on Twitter. We might find some of them interesting, but the process of buying those products on Amazon has been cumbersome till now. You have to open the link in a new tab, and then log-in to your Amazon account and buy/save the product or the alternative was to remember the product and search for it the next time you logged into Amazon.

This is where the new feature from Amazon comes handy. It lets you add all your favorite products to your Amazon shopping cart in a single step without ever leaving Twitter or logging into Amazon. To be able to use this feature you need to first connect your Twitter account to your Amazon account.

How To Connect Twitter Account To Your Amazon Account?

1. Go to the social settings in your Amazon account here.

2. Click on ‘Connect’ under Twitter settings.

3. Enter your Twitter username and password and click on ‘Authorize app’ and you are done connecting your Twitter account to Amazon.

How To Shop On Amazon From Within Twitter?

1. When you find any tweet with Amazon product link, reply to it with #AmazonCart.

2. The product will automatically be saved to your Amazon shopping cart and you can finish your purchase the next time you visit Amazon.

3. You will be notified via an email and a tweet from @MyAmazon that a product has been saved to your Amazon cart.

To know more about the feature, watch the video below.


 The above feature apart from being helpful to the customers is also very useful to both Amazon and Twitter. The ease with which you can add products to your Amazon shopping cart makes Twitter an ideal marketing platform for both brands as well as product marketers. Amazon also benefits from better conversion rates which makes it a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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