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Google Wishes Happy Holidays On Christmas Eve With A Doodle

Google has published today a doodle to wish its users happy holidays on Christmas eve. The doodle depicts two children riding on a sledge pulled by a horse. The ground is covered with snow and the trees in the background are bare without any leaves. On moving the cursor over the image, the message ‘Happy Holidays from Google!’ is displayed. Clicking on the image redirects the users to happy holidays Google search results page.

Google Wishes Happy Holidays On Christmas Eve With A Doodle

The doodle is relatively dull when compared to Google’s other very attractive doodles. The doodle isn’t interactive either. Overall, the doodle is slightly disappointing considering the fact that Christmas is celebrated around the world by hundreds of millions of people.

Google has started wishing its users happy holidays on Christmas eve with a doodle from 1999 and has never missed an year since. Google commemorates important events in history, festivals or events around the world with a doodle. It all started back in 1998 when Google published its first doodle to celebrate Burning Man Festival.

Last week, Google has published a doodle to mark winter solstice. Winter solstice is the first day of winter and is also the shortest day in the year.

We wish our viewers too happy holidays and happy Christmas. Have fun and stay safe!

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