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Google Doodle Marks Winter Solstice (The First Day Of Winter)

Google has published today a doodle to mark the winter solstice or the first day of winter. The doodle is a colorful hand glove being knitted by a pair of hands. The doodle instantly brings to mind the cold winter months ahead.

The doodle has been created by Christoph Niemann from Germany.

Google Doodle Marks Winter Solstice (The First Day Of Winter)

What is winter solstice?

Winter solstice marks the beginning of winter and usually falls on December 21st or 22nd in the Northern Hemisphere and on  June 20th or 21st in the Southern Hemisphere. Winter solstice has the shortest day and the longest night in a year.

At winter solstice, the maximum elevation of sun during the day (at noon) is the lowest and starts increasing once again after the winter solstice. This is a continual process year after year that leads to the different seasons.

Origins of winter solstice

Solstice have always been an important event in ancient days and the winter solstice  usually marked the beginning of the famine months of the season.

Historical sites like Stonehenge in England and Newgrange in Ireland are testimony to the importance of solstice in ancient days.

Google has used the same doodle on June 21 to mark the arrival of winter solstice in Southern Hemisphere.

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