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How To Get Google’s Inbox By Gmail App Invite Instantly?

Google has recently released a new app called ‘Inbox by Gmail’ which is a modern take on Google’s now ancient Gmail. The Inbox by Gmail app has been developed by the same team which was behind Gmail. The Google Inbox app re-imagines Gmail and is built for the mobile first generation. It is available both on Android and iOS.

How To Get Inbox By Gmail App Invite Get Google Inbox Invite InstantlyInbox by Gmail is a mishmash of Gmail labels, Google Now and Mailbox. You will find a few features borrowed from each of them. Inbox by Gmail app bundles similar email under different labels like Travel, Purchases, Updates, Finance, Social, Forums and Promos. You can also create your own bundles. You can swipe right on an email to mark it done and swipe left on an email to snooze it. The app also provides you with real-time status of your flights and package deliveries akin to Google Now. It also borrows various other Google Now features.

How To Get Google’s Inbox By Gmail App Invite?

Google is once again following its age old trick with the Inbox by Gmail app. It has used a similar invite system when it first launched Gmail back in 2004. Choosing an access by invite only method for the Inbox by Gmail app gives multi-fold advantage to Google. It helps create lots of buzz around the latest app, get valuable customer feedback before the app is rolled out to everyone and lets Google ramp up its infrastructure in a phased manner.

I list below the three ways by which you can get an Inbox by Gmail app invite.

1. To get an Inbox by Gmail invite, you can shoot an email directly to Google at inbox@google.com and wait for its grace to shine upon you.

2. Request a friend who already has access to Inbox by Gmail app to send you an invitation.

3. Or, simply leave a comment below with your email id and I will send you an Inbox by Gmail app invite on first come first serve basis.

Don’t worry even if I have exhausted my three Inbox by Gmail app invites. You can always request the first three to send you an invite.

How To Send An Inbox By Gmail App Invite?

1. Tap the red plus icon at the bottom right corner of your screen.

2. Tap the yellow ‘Invite to Inbox’ icon just above the red ‘Compose’ icon and you should be able to send out the Inbox by Gmail app invites to your friends.

Start exploring the Inbox by Gmail app after receiving an invite and do comment below how you like it.

Note: It is not advisable to post your email id in the public domain. You are solely responsible for posting your email id here.

Update 1 (14/11/2014): New Inbox by Gmail App invites available. Post email id. First come, first serve basis.

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