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5 Ways To Save Snapchat Snaps Permanently Without The Sender’s Knowledge

Snapchat is a photo sharing service that lets its users send photos and videos to others. There a lot of other messengers out there that do the exact same thing. So, what is Snapchat’s unique selling point? Snapchat lets its users send ephemeral messages i.e messages that expire after a short time. It is this very ability of Snapchat that has made it wildly popular around the world.

More and more people (especially teens) are using this app to send private messages in the belief that their private snaps would be destroyed after a certain time. Even Snapchat states that the snaps are removed from their servers after one time viewing. So, what exactly could go wrong and why shouldn’t you send really private snaps over Snapchat?

How To Save Snapchat Snaps. Is It Safe To Send Private Snaps Over Snapchat.

Snapchat has put in some effort to save the ephemeral nature of its messages, but it simply isn’t enough. Snapchat notifies the sender when the receiver takes a screenshot of the snap. Apart from this, the receiver can use different methods to save your snaps and there is nothing like true ephemerality in reality.

5 Ways To Save Snapchat Snaps Permanently Without The Sender’s Knowledge

1. The easiest way to save the snaps is to take a picture of the received snap with a camera. This method is a little cumbersome since you have to press and hold to view the snap.

2. There are a lot of apps already available in the market that let you save all the snaps you have received. Apps like Snap Save, SaveSnap, SnapBox etc. do all the heavy lifting for you and save your snaps.

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3. Use file managing software like iFunBox to browse the files on your mobile device after connecting to your computer. After careful examination you can find the temporary snaps on your mobile device. Download and save them to your system. This method can be used to save the snaps only before opening the snaps.

4. Since every snap you receive is stored locally on your device, data recovery software used to recover lost or accidentally deleted files can be used to recover the snaps too. This method is used after the snaps have been viewed and destroyed.

5. While taking a screenshot on your iPhone/iPad/iPod by holding the home and power button at the same time, keep a finger on the screen to hold the picture. When you let go and see the snaps section again, tap the home button twice before the picture disappears. This cancels SnapChat’s detection and you can view the screenshot on your phone as many times as you want. Personally, I haven’t had much success with this hack.

These are the various methods by which a Snapchat snap can be saved permanently without the sender having any hint about it. So, act wisely the next time you intend to send a private snap on Snapchat.

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    Sorry to tell you all this but anything you use to take pictures or send to even snapchat there all on a hard drive or any storage device & even if they delete them it always can be recovered. Any real programmer will tell you this. If you believe them then I will say you got fooled. Any government authority Has programs that do this

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